I had the privilege of working with Afzul on two main disputes that fundamentally shifted the South African collective bargaining landscape.  As lead facilitator in both instances, Afzul had to find a way of bringing the parties to working towards speedy and amicable resolution of the disputes.  His immense and impeccable dispute resolution skills were put to a test and I could only marvel at the manner in which he was able to facilitate dispute resolution. The intense pressure exerted by the media and the public sentiment about one of these disputes wore heavily on all the parties and in spite hereof, Afzul managed to get on with the task at hand and emerged out of the facilitated processes with amicable resolutions.

 Abey Kgotle - Executive Vice President Human Resources, Lonmin Platinum

I have worked closely with Afzul since 2006. His insight, fortitude and commitment to the Private Security Sector have helped to revolutionise collective bargaining in the Sector. Afzul is a man of impeccable character and integrity and is a highly skilled person with great commercial acumen which serves him well in his various endeavours.



Costa Diavastos - Managing Director, Security Division at Servest SA

I have worked with Afzul Soobedaar over a number of years. He has displayed serious commitment, determination, professionalism and a deep belief in the value of resolving conflict through sustainable settlements. Afzul works well within a diverse team and frequently takes on far more than his required responsibilities. Afzul develops sound working relationships based on trust and respect. His wealth of experience, maturity, care for the people he engages with and exceptional work ethic are commendable.


Tanya Cohen - Chief Executive Officer, Business Unity South Africa